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Causes of Different Types of Damp

Damp is a common issue faced by households and due to its presence in many forms, it do causes hurdles in your daily life. Here we have discussed the causes and symptoms of condensation damp, penetrating damp and rising damp. The tricks given in following guide will help you to deal with the damp in your home more effectively.

sources of damp

Causes of Condensation Damp:

The damp has many forms, but one of most commonly occurring one is found to be condensation damp. As per the standard formula of condensation and is said to be happening when the cold air from outside comes in contact with the warmth of your home. The cause of the condensation damp is mainly due to lack of ventilation in households. The rooms for kitchen and bathrooms are found to be vulnerable to air moisture, as they are found in abundance. The condensation damp is the result of improper ventilation in rooms.

It can result in black molds on kitchen windows and if left untreated can cause the unpleasant smell, can damage the paint and at times can decay the window frames too. The best remedy for the condensation damp is to improve the ventilation in your residence by opening windows and window vents. Air lofts can be added to help out with the fresh air dwelling inside the household.

Causes of Penetrating Damp:

The penetrating damp is said to be traveling horizontally in walls and is caused by the water leaking through the ceiling and walls. The cause for penetrating damp is various internal leaks and structural issues in the building. The fundamental problems can be cracks or faulty guttering in the walls and the part of the building that is continuously soaked in water.

Penetrating damp can find its way from ceilings, walls or also through the various damp patches as they seem to darken in the rainy season. People living in older buildings may often seem to face the issues related to the penetrating damp as cavity walls need to be healed for the protection of the residents.

Causes of Rising Damp:

Rising Damp is also one of the commonly occurring issues in the homes. This type of damp is caused due to the groundwater rising through floors or walls. Most of the buildings do have a system to offer a hindrance to the rising damp using a damp-proof membrane or course.

Damp-proof membrane is made up of a sheet of material which is laid on the concrete floor and is impervious to water. While a damp-proof course is a kind of horizontal strip made up of bitumen felt or plastic and is built inside the wall at the 15cm over and above the ground level. The damp-proof membrane and course are connected to seal the house and protect the groundwater traveling upwards.

These are common types of damp that are commonly found in any home. You can get rid of them by taking proper measures at the right time. Taking expert advice from the professionals at the time of construction can definitely help you to prevent damp entering into your home.