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Our Services

Our trusted team of professionals is here to make sure your house will last for decades. Both timber and brick are great building materials popular due to their durability and reduced heat loss. That being said, they also have a porous structure, which means that water can easily find its way through cavities resulting in penetrating damp. This may become a serious issue after heavy rainfalls, as the water doesn’t soak up or evaporate but instead accumulates and weakens cavity wall ties of your property (which are a part of the construction if the house has been constructed before the 80s). It may also enter into the very structure of your house, making the air inside damp and accelerating growth of black mould.

How to avoid it? After all, no one likes swamp-like atmosphere in their own house and the whole thing may sound quite scary. Nothing to worry about though! We run damp & timber surveys for our clients to assess the level of water condensation within the structure itself or in cavity wall ties. Apart from checking your wall ties, our surveyors also take a very careful look at the state of the timber in your house, searching for signs of rot or woodworm infestation.

Call us if you’ve been noticing worrying symptoms inside your house and you’d like to order a professional survey.

Rising Damp

‘Tide Mark’ on the walls? Peeling Wall Paper? If you see these signs in your property, these could be symptoms of rising damp. Rising damp can be unsightly and it’s important that you get a specialist opinion if you suspect your property may be displaying the symptoms of rising damp. Left untreated, damp in your property can lead to decaying wood or decorative spoiling. Call us now to arrange a time for us to come and assess the problem.  

Penetrating Damp

Brown stains and damp spots on the wall? Decorative Spoiling? Your property could be suffering from penetrating damp. When properly diagnosed using a qualified specialist, a holistic approach can be offered to ensure that the problem is removed once and for all. Please don’t ignore the signs as left untreated, penetrating damp in your property can lead to timber decay which could impact the structural integrity of your home. Call us now to allow us to provide you with the right solution.

Wet & Dry Rot

Creaking Floorboards? Cracks in skirting boards? Strange smell? Your property could be effected by Wood rot. Dry rot or wet rot are the most frequent and serious causes of timber damage in your property and it is vital that you get a specialist opinion when diagnosing this particular property problem. We will not only eliminate wood rot from your property, but our timber preservative treatments will help to protect against future decay too. Call us now to discuss how we can rid your home from Wet and Dry rot.


Black Mould? Dripping windows? You could be looking at the signs of Condensation. The black mould that condensation can create is both unsightly and unhealthy and it’s important to address this issue when it starts to appear – usually through the winter months and often in tenanted properties. Left untreated, condensation can lead to a really unpleasant living environment so please call us now to arrange a survey to remove condensation from your home.

Wood Boring Insects

Holes in your timbers? Dust on your wooden floor? Your property could be suffering from a wood boring insect such as Woodworm. Our specialist surveyor will establish whether an active infestation is present a what, (if any!), treatment is needed. Left untreated woodworm can cause serious timber damage in your property and it is vital that you get a specialist opinion before the infestation rampages through your property. We will eliminate woodworm from your property and our timber treatments will help to protect against future infestations too. Call us now to arrange for us to visit your property to diagnose the problem.

Cavity Wall Ties

Cracks in external walls? Don’t panic, your property probably won’t need underpinning! A far more likely scenario is that the cavity wall ties are starting to fail. Call us now to arrange a cavity wall tie survey to understand the extent of the problem.


Are you suffering from decorative spoiling on your walls? Have you walls been finished with ‘Dot and Dab’ plastering system allowing moisture to migrate to the surface? If so, we know that ensuring that an effective DPC is in place is just part of the work needed to resolve your damp Issue. Our specialist plaster system is the perfect partner for our Damp Proof Course and will help to ensure that all hydroscopic (moisture attracting) salts are removed from your property so that you may enjoy a damp free finish on your walls. Call us now to talk through how we can help.

Home Surveys

Moving home? Re-Mortgaging? Investing in buy-to-let properties? If so, you will want to know that all the risks associated with your chosen property have been identified. Chartered surveyors will recommend you contact a specialist member of the PCA if damp or timber problems are identified in their home buyers report. Prices start from £90 and we aim to give you priceless peace of mind. Call us now to discuss your individual requirements.