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Condensation in Northwich

Do you own your own home, let one out or sell them? Atlantis are a Northwich based company offering specialist reports and surveys on properties.  If you have condensation issues in a property, we can arrange a fully guaranteed survey of the property and be there if any issues need rectifying.

What is Condensation?

We have years of experience dealing with condensation and eliminating it from the source in properties

Prevent and treat condensation in Northwich

When warm, moist air comes in contact with a surface that is cooler than it is, ie a window pane or uninsulated external wall, the warm are, cools down and is unable to continue to hold the moisture as it did. This moisture laden air settles on a cold surface and mould can soon form. 

Condensation is by far the most common cause of dampness in buildings, probably accounting for the majority of damp problems reported. It affects both old and new buildings and it appears to be a significant problem where the building has been modernised due to the fact that effective double glazing and insulation prevents the extent that the property can naturally ‘breathe’. 

How We Can Help With Condensation

Window and Wall Condensation in Winsford propertyIf you suspect you have a condensation problem in your property, you can contact us and we will send our expertly trained technicians to survey your property. From there, they can diagnose the problem, locate the source and not just rectify it, but also prevent it from happening again.

Why Condensation is a Problem

If moisture caused by condensation is left on surfaces, it can prompt mould to form.Windows do not cause condensation, but they can be a perfect breeding ground for it because they are the coldest indoor surfaces.

Indoor air is humid, mainly through everyday living, and during colder months the air is much warmer than that outside. It contracts as it cools, and moisture condenses on window glass.Condensation is often first visible on your windows but is likely occurring in other areas and can lead to the deterioration of plaster, wallpaper, paint and woodwork.

Controlling Condensation

We are experts in condensation problems.

If you have damp inside your building the most common cause in condensation. Precipitation or water droplets can be persistent if not treated properly.  This in turn may cause the growth of mold and damage your property.  Finding the source of the humidity is the only way to ensure it can be treated and prevented from occurring again.  All types of everyday activities such as washing and breathing cause moisture within a property.  These cannot be avoided but Atlantis can solve any problems with condensation issues.

There are things you can do to reduce the humidity and actively prevent water condensing, these include using fans in key places of your building, maintain a constant low temperature by having your heating on throughout cooler months, and try to avoid drying clothes indoors.


Contact Atlantis on 0800 098 8277 or we have a contact form below.

We travel to all areas in and around Northwich including Kingsmead, Leftwich, Hartford, Davenham, Moulton, Weaverham, Rudheath, Sandiway, Cuddington, Whitegate, Little Leigh, Marston, Wincham, Lostock Gralam, Pickmere, Comberbach, Great Budworth, Acton Bridge, Crowton, Norley, Delamere, Foxwist Green, Bostock, Lach Dennis, Plumley, Little Budworth.


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