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Damp Proofing and Timber Specialists In Chester

Chester shops and businessesWe provide our clients timber and damp survey reports, thus helping them detect all potential problems before taking decisions that may affect their future. Our clients include landlords, real estate agents, homeowners, buyers and other categories of professionals who need such surveys and reports.
Are you looking to invest in a real estate property? Are your tenants complaining about mould problems? We can inspect your property and provide you a specialist timber and damp report. Our Chester damp proofing experts are qualified to help you with all these and with a lot more issues.

Rising Damp

Chester house with rising dampIf your wallpaper is peeling or you have the dreaded “tide mark” on your walls, your home may be dealing with rising damp. As rising damp is aesthetically unappealing, you should get it properly diagnosed early on. If you ignore it for too long, damp leads to wood decay and structural deterioration. As these problems are more expensive to fix, it’s much better to have an early diagnosis of your problem in its incipient stage. If you only address the symptoms by installing a new damp proof course and by redoing the plastering and painting works in the affected area, sooner or later the damp will come back. This is why you have to deal with the main issue above all other things.

Penetrating Damp

Have you noticed damp spots, brown stains or decorative spoiling on your walls? Penetrating damp could be the culprit. Affected walls are very unsightly, so you should try to have it diagnosed by a specialist before it worsens. Don’t ignore this problem, because it may lead to timber decay, and this could affect the very structure of your building.


image of a window with condensationDripping windows and black mould growths can be symptoms of condensation. As condensation may affect your health, you should seek for a specialist opinion on this issue. While condensation won’t probably affect the structure of your house, it can surely have a negative impact on your health, so you should address it as soon as you notice such symptoms. Contact us today to schedule a survey to diagnose and solve all these problems. Our condensation experts know how to control this issue and how to find the sources of humidity that cause it in the first place. You should be aware that you may be creating condensation yourself by cooking, taking a bath or a shower or simply by breathing. The most effective way to fight this problem is by installing fans inside your home. This is how you can prevent humidity from condensing on various surfaces.
We can recommend you to heat your home less throughout the winter. You don’t have to freeze inside your house, but you shouldn’t heat it to the full, either. This is how you can maintain the walls a bit colder, thus preventing condensation from occurring. If possible, dry your laundry outside the house. If you must dry it inside, make sure you open the windows.

Wet And Dry Rot

If you detect a strange smell inside your home, as well as cracks in some of the skirting boards or creaking floorboards, you may suspect a Wood rot problem. Dry rot or wet rot are among the most common timber damage causes. They have to be diagnosed and eliminated by a timber specialist. We can help you with the diagnosis and the elimination of wet and dry rot from your property. Even more, we can apply preservative treatments that would stop the decay and prevent this problem from reoccurring. Determining whether you face a dry rot or a wet rot problem isn’t easy, hence the need for a specialist survey or report. We have the best specialists that can help you identify the issue and recommend you the right treatments.

Wood Boring Insects

holes made in wood by boring insectsIf you notice dust on your timber floor or various holes in your timber, you can suspect your property is infested with wood boring insects such as  Woodworm. This tiny insect can cause a lot of harm, so the sooner you detect and eliminate it, the better. We can send you experts to help you identify the problem and eliminate woodworm from your house. Moreover, we usually apply special treatments that prevent future infestations. We are experts in woodworm treatment and prevention. You can rely on us to provide you accurate diagnoses on all known woodworm species such as the free common furniture beetle, the death watch beetle and the marine borer. Many companies mis-diagnose such infestations, making homeowners pay for treatments they don’t actually need. Our specialist surveyor is qualified in identifying the type of infestation and in choosing the right treatment, should it be needed. Call us now, to see how we can help you.

Cavity Wall Ties

If you notice cracks in the external walls, you should suspect your cavity wall ties are beginning to fail, rather than worrying about underpinning your property. Cavity wall ties are much easier to fix. We are experts in Wall Tie Survey & Repair.  Cavity wall ties in your home are commonly made of metal coated in bitumen or zinc. They are used to hold together a cavity wall system of two separate walls introduced in the early 20th century that offered better protection from the elements as well as reduce the amount of heat lost from your property.

Surveys – Pre Purchase Surveys

a qualifies Atlantis surveyor in ChesterWhether you intend to move home, to re-mortgage or simply to invest in buy-to-let properties, you should identify and assess all risks associated with the property you wish to purchase. Chartered surveyors are able to send you to a specialist PCA member, should damp or timber problems be mentioned in their home buyers report. Such services are fairly inexpensive, their prices starting from £90. This isn’t too much for obtaining the peace of mind that you won’t have to deal with such issues after your purchase. Our specialist company in Chester provides homeowners, estate agents and landlords accurate and exhaustive damp and timber reports. All our reports contain recommendations on how to sort out woodworm infestation or damp decay issues. We also provide price quotations for all needed works such as chemical damp-proof course injection, wet or dry rot treatment and woodworm elimination. All these are going to be mentioned as separate quotations in our reports, so you’re going to know exactly how much each treatment would cost you. All reports provided by our company are made by qualified surveyors, all of them being carried out to PCA standards.

Damp And Timber Report For Mortgage Purposes

If you want to sell or buy a property and you need a specialist mortgage report, we are more than happy to help you. We provide independent damp and timber reports or full surveys with price quotations. All our reports are carried out to PCA standards, so they should be able to serve your purpose very well.


Decorative spoiling on the walls can be very annoying. If you suffer from this issue, you may have had your walls finished with a plastering system that allows moisture to show up at the surface. We have the best specialists that can help you sort out this annoying problem. The most effective way to deal with this type of damp problem is a good Damp Proof Course. A good DPC and our specialist plastering system are everything you need to get rid of all hydroscopic salts on your property, and to enjoy a perfect finish on your walls.

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