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Damp Proofing and Timber Specialists in Nantwich

Do you own your own home, let one out or sell them? We are timber and damp survey report specialists located in Nantwich.  We provide estate agents, landlords, buyers and homeowners specialist surveys and reports. If you require a damp and timber report on a property we can arrange a fully guaranteed survey of the property and be there if any issues need rectifying. Don’t worry, we are here to help you with all of those problems and much more.  Just call us today to get a survey arranged.


Timber Infestation and Wood Rot

We have years of experience dealing with timber rot and eliminating woodworm and other wood-boring insects.

Atlantis can find and solve your woodworm problems

Are you suffering from condensation, wood rot or dampness? We provide local timber and damp quotations, reports and surveys to help you if you are selling or buying in Nantwich. We are very highly trained in the timber decay and damp preservation industry. With a solid reputation in properly diagnosing woodworm, wet rot, dry rot, condensation, damp ingress, penetrating damp, rising damp and much more.

If you find any holes in your floorboards, stairs or structural wood, simply call us and we will send out one of our expertly trained technicians to survey the property then advise you on the options to take if necessary. We will only offer solutions if we discover signs of dry rot, wet rot or wood worm and will lead you through all the available treatment we offer.

Timber And Damp Specialist Survey Report CompanyAtlantis surveying a Cheshire property

If you are thinking of selling or buying a property in Nantwich, Atlantis are there to provide your survey and make sure there is no condensation, damp problems, timber decay or wood rot. Do you need a quotation on work that you need to have done?  We are damp contractors who are able to properly carry out woodworm treatment, dampness treatment, and most critically dry rot treatment.  After we have carried out any chemical treatment, we will issue you a long-term guarantee that lasts as long as 20 years.

Quotes For Rising Damp OR Damp Proofing in Nantwich

Does the house or other property that you own have a problem with damp?  Our surveyors in Nantwich have been highly trained to properly diagnose all kinds of dampness. Once you have contacted Atlantis, an experienced technician will survey your property to diagnose condensation, low damp ingress, penetrating damp, rising damp and much more.

For any rising damp issues there are numerous treatments available and therefore it is important to use a damp specialist so the correct diagnosis is provided and the right treatment is taken promptly. Atlantis will find the optimum solution for any damp issues you may have. So, if you would like to rectify your problem the first time around, have the issue inspected by a damp specialist.  Our damp specialists can recommend the best solution for fixing your damp issue. Also, as Damp issues can return if not diagnosed and treated correctly.  Atlantis make sure your property is moisture proof.

Treating Dry Rot and Wet Rot


An additional service provided by Atlantis is dry rot and wet rot treatment. There is a big difference between wet and dry rot, not only in the solutions but in the costs as well.  That is why we impress upon our clients why it is so important that the decay be properly diagnosed.  Treating dry rot can cost you approximately £5000, whereas treating wet rot may cost only about £500.

Again, getting the correct diagnosis is what we specialise in so that the problem is eradicated effectively and without extra unnecessary cost.  That is why a timber survey needs to be conducted.  We will send a dry rot specialist out to your home in Nantwich to diagnose your issue correctly.  They can tell you whether the decay you have is wet rot or dry rot.

Contact Atlantis on 0800 098 8277

Woodworm Treatment

For all properties in and around Nantwich we are the number one company for woodworm eradication.

Do you own a home in Nantwich and have you begun to see holes appearing in the timber of your furniture or roof void? If so, that is something we can help you with.

If you are purchasing a home in Nantwich and have discovered woodworm in the floor timber or roof void, we can carry out timber surveys to identify the problem. In some cases, there are woodworm species that don’t require any treatment and therefore if a problem was identified during your mortgage survey, we can identify the best solution. Our woodworm surveyors can diagnose an infestation correctly and conduct a specialist timber survey.

We can carry out a survey for you and give you a full quotation for eliminating the infestation. For your complete peace of mind, our work is all fully guaranteed.

Controlling Condensation

Prevent and treat condensation in NorthwichWe are experts in condensation problems.

Condensation is the most common type of dampness to occur inside a building. It is quite problematic because it is very difficult to control, therefore precipitation can be persistent if not treated properly.  This, in turn, may cause the growth of mould and damage your property.  Finding the source of the humidity is the only way to ensure it can be treated and prevented from occurring again.  All types of everyday activities such as washing and breathing cause moisture within a property.  These cannot be avoided but Atlantis can solve any problems with condensation issues.

The best way of stopping condensation from affecting your house is installing fans in the right parts of your property.  That will help to prevent humidity from condensing on cold surfaces and from flowing around your property. Also, you can prevent condensation by maintaining a constant low temperature by having your heating on throughout cooler months and try to avoid drying clothes indoors.

Cavity Wall Ties

If your wall is cracking in your property in Nantwich, do not worry. Atlantis can sort any cavity wall tie issues. In most cases the cracks appear due to the cavity wall ties failing and we can sort this for you.

Contact Atlantis on 0800 098 8277 or we have a contact form below.

We travel to all areas in and around Northwich including Kingsmead, Leftwich, Hartford, Davenham, Moulton, Weaverham, Rudheath, Sandiway, Cuddington, Whitegate, Little Leigh, Marston, Wincham, Lostock Gralam, Pickmere, Comberbach, Great Budworth, Acton Bridge, Crowton, Norley, Delamere, Foxwist Green, Bostock, Lach Dennis, Plumley, Little Budworth.


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