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Warrington Damp Proofing and Timber Specialists

Damp and Timber Survey and Reports

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We are timber and damp survey report specialists located in Warrington.  We provide estate agents, landlords, buyers and homeowners specialist surveys and reports.

Are you in the market to buy a property and in need of a specialist timber and damp report?  Do you have a tenant at your rental property telling you they have a mould issue?  Don’t worry, we are here to help you with all of those problems and much more.  Just call us today to get a survey arranged.

Timber Infestation And Decay

We are a woodworm treatment and timber rot company.dry rot in Warrington property

Our services include wood boring insect infestations, wet rot and dry rot.  Are you suffering from wet rot, dry rot or woodworm?  Are there small holes on your stairs, in the roof void or floorboards?  Our surveyors are all fully trained technicians who can properly diagnose wet rot, woodworm and dry rot. If you are suffering from any of these problems we can provide the right methods to you on how to eliminate woodworm, wet rot or dry rot.

Specialist Damp And Timber Survey Report Company

Atlantis survey a wall to diagnose rising damp in Warrington propertyWe offer timber and damp survey reports.

We provide local timber and damp quotations, reports and surveys.  We can help if you are selling or buying.  Are you suffering from condensation, wood rot or dampness?  We are very highly drained in the timber decay and damp preservation industry.  We have a solid reputation in properly diagnosing woodworm, wet rot, dry rot, condensation, damp ingress, penetrating damp, rising damp and much more.

Do you need a quotation on work that you need to have done?  We are damp contractors who are able to properly carry out woodworm treatment, dampness treatment, and most critically dry rot treatment.  After we have carried out any chemical treatment, we will issue you a long term guarantee that lasts as long as 20 years.

Damp Proofing Quotations

We are Warrington-based damp-proofing contractors.

We properly diagnose condensation, low damp ingress, penetrating damp, rising damp and much more.  Does the house or other property that you own have a problem with damp?  Our surveyors have been highly trained to properly diagnose all kinds of dampness.  So if you would like to rectify your problem the first time around, have the issue inspected by a damp specialist.  Our damp specialists can recommend the best solution for fixing your damp issue.

Specialist Damp-Proof Contractors And Company

Warrington company Atlantis treating damp problemsOur company can provide damp proofing if necessary.

We provide you with the proper diagnosis on your specific damp problem.  Unlike most other damp contractors and builders, we don’t simply recommend rising damp treatment.  We instead determine the exact type of damp that you have, where it is coming from and then let you know how we can solve the problem.  So if your rental property or home has a damp problem, we can assist you.

For mortgage purposes, we also conduct timber decay and damp surveys.  Has the bank given you a home buyers report that states that the proper that timber in contact that might be at risk of decay and has low levels of damp?  Don’t worry, we are able to conduct a specialist timber and damp survey for you and diagnose the issue correctly.  The damp problem 9 out of 10 times is due to defective rainwater or bridging.  Rising damp is usually not the problem.

Rising Damp Treatment

Our company will diagnose rising damp if it is there.  We diagnose your damp issue correctly.  We don’t simply recommend that you have a chemical damp proof course installed in order to make money off of you.  We actually determine whether or not your issue is rising damp.  You need to be aware that it is very rare for rising damp to be present in buildings.  A majority of UK properties have physical damp proof membrane already installed and it’s doing a great job still.

Getting the proper diagnosis is the most critical part when it comes to beginning to deal with dampness.  A new damp proof solution can be installed and the area can be replastered, however if the major problem isn’t fixed then the damp will just return. Bituminous damproofing products can be used to seal the property and we ensure the property is completely moisture proof.

Dry Rot Treatment

Atlantis also provide dry rot and wet rot treatment. First we diagnose all of your timber decay issues carefully.  It can be difficult diagnosing wet rot from dry rot and many people get this work every day.  The costs to treat these two kinds of wood rots are very different.  That is why we impress upon our clients why it is so important that the decay be properly diagnosed.  Treating dry rot can cost you approximately £5000, whereas treating wet rot may cost only about £500.

There isn’t any easy way of determining whether timber decay is dry rot or wet rot or eliminating dry rot.  That is why a timber survey needs to be conducted.  We will send a dry rot specialist out to your location to diagnose your issue correctly.  They can tell you whether the decay you have is wet rot or dry rot.  After the decay has been diagnosed, they will recommend the necessary and proper treatments.

Woodworm Treatment

Warrington company Atlantis treating timberOur company specialises in woodworm diagnosis and treatment in and around Warrington.

We carry out timber surveys for mortgages and treating wood boring insect attacks.  As part of your house buying process has your mortgage survey uncovered some woodworm in the floor timber or roof void?  Our woodworm surveyors are able to diagnose an infestation correctly and conduct a specialist timber survey.

Were you aware of the fact that some woodworm species don’t require any treatment at all?  That is the reason why the most critical aspect when it comes to dealing with and eliminating woodworm is getting a proper diagnosis.

Do you own a home and have you begun to see holes appearing in the timber of your furniture or roof void?  If so, that is something we can help you with.  We can carry out a survey for you and give you a full quotation for eliminating the infestation. For your complete peace of mind, our work is all fully guaranteed.

Condensation Control

We are experts in condensation problems.

Condensation is the most common type of dampness inside a building.  Condensation is very difficult to control.  It may cause mould to grow inside a room or result in a damp smell.  In order to control condensation, it is necessary to find the humidity source.  Condensation is created by breathing, taking showers, washing clothes and cooking.

The best way of stopping condensation from affecting your house is installing fans in the right parts of your property.  That will help to prevent humidity from condensing on cold surfaces and from flowing around your property.

There are a few other things that we recommend that you try to help deal with particular bad condensation cases.  Keep your heating on all during the cold season, just on a low temperature rather than a full one.  That will help to keep your property’s cold walls warm and also help to prevent condensation from taking place. We also recommend that you dry clothes outdoor as much as you can, and to open the windows when you dry them inside.

Cavity Wall Ties

Does your Warrington property need wall ties, picture of a crack in the wallIs your wall cracking? Atlantis can sort any cavity wall tie issues.  The first reaction from most property owner who see cracks appearing in the walls is to panic.  I most cases the cracks appear due to the cavity wall ties failing and we can sort this for you.

Contact Atlantis on 0800 098 8277 or use our contact form below.

We cover all areas of Warrington including Appleton, Appleton Thorne, Bewsey, Birchwood, Blackbrook, Bruche, Burtonwood, Callands, Chapelford, Cinnamon Brow, Cobbs, Croft, Cuerdley, Culcheth and Glazebury, Dallam, Fairfield, Gemini, Gorse Covert Grappenhall and Thelwall, Grange, Great Sankey, Hatton, Hermitage Green, Hollins Green, Hood Manor, Howley, Hulme, Kenyon, Latchford, Locking Stumps,Longford, Lymm, Martinscroft,Old Hall, Omega, Orford, Paddington, Padgate, Penketh, Poulton-with-Fearnhead, Risley, Rixton-with-Glazebrook, Sankey Bridgees, Stockton Heath, Stretton, Walton, Westbrook, Westy, Whitecross, Wilderspool, Winwick, Woolston and Wright’s Green.

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