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Did you know that prolonged exposure to dampness can affect health adversely? Well, dampness can cause allergies, respiratory problems, infections and more. A damp home can become the source of health problems and issues that can affect you and your family. So, if you find that dampness or mold attacking your home, don’t overlook it. You would be surprised to know that damp problems are one of the frequent problems found in homes. Treat this problem in early stages and nip it in the bud. Wondering, what steps you need to take to ensure a damp-free home? Well, the answer is damp proofing. So, what is damp proofing and how does it help your home? Read below to find all the answers – 

What is damp proofing? 

Basically damp proofing is a common term that covers different methods and treatments used to treat dampness in a property. It is a type of moisture control that is applied to the floors and walls of a property to prevent moisture from passing through. It is a way for long term prevention of damage caused due to moisture. The goal of this technique is to retard infiltration of moisture. Thus, it ensures moisture remains outside and keeps the walls dry. This technique is done on both residential and commercial properties. 

damp proofing explanation

If you are concerned about this problem in your property, it is recommended to contact a specialist. You can easily find a damp proofing specialist in your area. They will inspect your property for signs of seepage and the extent of damage done. Accordingly, they will suggest ways to damp-proof the home and prevent further damages.  

While examining the causes of dampness, make sure you examine – 

  • Gutters and downpipes near the source of leakage 
  • Any cracks, damages, corroded seals and more 
  • Dampness on the inner walls, especially on the roof 
  • Unblocked drains and pipes 

Types of damp proofing explained 

Before you proceed, you need to have an idea of what damp proofing involves. Experts may start using terms like damp proof course and membrane but you have no idea what it means. Commonly the process is classified as – 

Damp Proof Course 

This treatment is used to prevent moisture from entering the property. It is a preventive method that is used to prevent moisture related problems from developing. Experts look for areas prone to damp and then suggest solutions according to the property structure. This method uses a chemical solution to act as a barrier. 


Damp Proof Membrane 

Even this is a method used to prevent damp from entering a property. It makes use of membrane sheets to act as a barrier between moisture and wall. The sheets are made from materials like butyl rubber or polyethylene. It is usually placed below the concrete floor or other base of the property.  

Chances of damp related problems are higher in older homes. Don’t let your property fall victim to dampness and bigger moisture related problems. Get in touch with a professional expert now. Remember a healthy home is a happy home!