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How much does a Damp Proofing course cost?



If you want to keep your home moisture free, then a damp-proof course is vital of that. A damp-proof course is an effective way to stop water from entering a property from the earth, and it helps protect your home against moisture damage that causes decorative spoiling.

But how much does a damp-proof course cost to install? The expert team at Atlantis Property Preservation is here to explain everything you need to know. 

What Is a Damp-Proof Course?

A damp-proof course, or DPC, is designed to form a protective, waterproof barrier that stops moisture from seeping into your home. Damp-proof courses create an impervious barrier that makes it impossible to dampness to rise up the walls. They are commonly made from impermeable materials, and they are typically installed in the mortar bed below the internal floor level to protect against rising water. 

There are several types of damp-proof courses available, each of which has different associated costs. The most common DPCs include:

  • Chemical damp-proof course injections
  • Mortar damp proof-course injections
  • Electroosmotic damp-proof courses

Why Do You Need a Damp-Proof Course?

A damp-proof course is a vital protective measure that may stop your home from suffering damage from damp. Here are the most important reasons to ensure you have a damp-proof course installed:

  • Keeps your home protected against rising damp
  • Stops problems that arise from dampness, including wet rot and mould
  • Helps you to avoid health problems, such as respiratory illnesses, that may arise due to black toxic mould spores associated with condensation. Black mould is likely to form on the coldest walls in your home, and damp walls are naturally colder than dry walls, therefore making black mould more likely in a damp home.
  • Increases the value of your property over time
  • Saves you money in the long-term, as you avoid paying for costly repairs.

How Much Does a Damp-Proof Course Cost? 

The cost of a damp-proof course varies from one property to the next. Major costs will include the materials and labour, so the size of the property and the type of DPC being installed will affect the overall price. 

The major factors that affect the cost of installing a damp-proof course include:

  • The size of the area that requires damp-proofing within your property
  • The time that’s needed for the work to be carried out
  • The type of DPC you’re going to have installed
  • Additional survey, damp-proofing or repair work to your property

If damp has already taken hold in your property, you may also need to factor in other costs in order to fix and remove the damp problem before a new DPC can be installed. For an accurate estimation, it’s essential that you have a consultation with a damp-proofing specialist and have a detailed survey undertaken. 

What Is Included in the Cost of a Damp-Proof Course?

With a professional company such as Atlantis Property Preservation, the cost of a damp-proof course may include the following:

  • Pre-installation survey, with any upfront survey cost deducted from the invoice of any required works.
  • Installation of the damp proof-course
  • Replastering or membrane installation
  • Tanking solutions to cater for any shortfall
  • Solutions to solve penetrating damp
  • Solutions to solve condensation issues
  • Clean up and removal of waste materials
  • Warranty

Contact Atlantis Property Preservation for more information and arrange for our expert team to visit your home.

Atlantis Property Preservation’s experienced team of damp-proofing specialists will ensure that your property is fully protected.

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What is a damp survey?

A damp survey is a thorough investigation of a property carried out by a professional in order to determine if there is any damp present. It’s vital to have one carried out if you’re purchasing a new property or if you believe your home might be experiencing problems associated with dampness. 

In this article, we explain what a damp survey is, what it involves, and how long it takes. 

How to Tell If You Need a Damp Survey

A damp survey is a report compiled by a professional damp specialist. There are several instances when you might require one, including:

  • If you are purchasing a new property
  • If you are selling your property
  • If you suspect you might have damp
  • If you notice any signs of damp

If you notice any of the following signs, there’s a high probability you have damp in your home. You should arrange for a survey to confirm this. These signs include:

  • Musty or fungal smells
  • Visible mould
  • Rotting timbers
  • Damaged plaster or wallpaper
  • Broken masonry
  • Salty tide marks on walls

What Does a Damp Survey Show?

Importantly, a damp survey will confirm the presence of damp in a property and can also show what type of damp is present. 

A thorough damp survey will confirm if you have any of the following in your home:

  • Condensation
  • Rising damp
  • Penetrating damp

Damp surveys are often carried out as part of a wider ‘damp and timber survey’, where a specialist will check for wet and dry rot, woodworm infestations, and other issues associated with damp and timbers. 

What Is Involved in a Damp Survey?

A comprehensive damp survey will involve a professional entering your property and carrying out a number of different investigations and tests. They will ask the property owner a number of questions in order to find out how old the property is, whether there are any noticeable problems, and more. Once the survey has been carried out, the specialist will compile a report based on their data, observations and findings. 

A few of the key steps that a damp surveyor will undertake include:

  • Asking the property owner questions
  • Looking at the history of the property
  • Taking physical observations of the property
  • Assessing visible signs of damp
  • Using specialist equipment such as a damp meter to locate damp

How Long Does a Damp Survey Take?

The time it takes for a damp survey to be carried out depends on the size of the property and the extent of any problems that may be found. This does not include the time required to compile the report afterwards. 

Contact Atlantis Damp to Book Your Damp Survey

If you’re worried about damp in your home or if you’d like a thorough damp survey carried out when purchasing a new property, Atlantis Damp is here to help. 

For more information or to book your damp survey, contact the friendly team at Atlantis Damp today. 

M is for Mortgage Reports (Pre-purchase Damp & Timber Surveys)

M is for Mortgage Report (Damp & Timber Pre-Purchase Survey).

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