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Damp issues can be a home seller’s worst nightmare. Not only will it impact the value of your home, it can affect potential buyers’ perception of your home and how much you can make from a sale. 

In this article, the experts at Atlantis Damp will explain how damp can affect the sale of your home, and how a dampness survey can save you time while maximising your earnings. 

Can You Sell a House with Damp Issues?

Although you can sell a house with damp, you have a legal obligation to disclose damp issues to potential buyers. That obligation still exists even if the damp is not clearly visible, for example if it’s covered by a coat of paint. 

How Much Does Damp Affect House Prices?

Damp issues will affect the value of your home and how much you can sell it for. Many potential buyers will be repelled once you’ve disclosed that your home has damp issues. Remaining buyers will likely use your damp issues as leverage to offer a lower price. If the issue is particularly visible or severe, buyers would consider the additional time and cost of fixing the damp should they purchase your home. 

If you’re working with an estate agent, you may be advised to consider other selling options such as private sale or auction, because the house has a lower market value. This naturally leads to a lower commission for them, therefore they may encourage a quick sale.  

Ultimately, the severity of the damp will determine its effect on house prices. Conducting a dampness survey will give an accurate account of the damp issues in your home. 

Should You Fix Damp Before Selling Your House?

It would be wise to address your home’s damp issues before selling. It’s unlikely that this will increase its value. Even a history of damp is unattractive to some buyers. However, it will significantly decrease the devaluation of your home due to unfixed damp. You’re more likely to get an offer closer to your asking price. 

Fixing damp issues after putting your house on the market will delay a sale. Buyers will see your house as a project, rather than a home. Furthermore, the longer your house sits on the market, the  more other buyers will assume there’s something wrong with it. Therefore, it’s better to address damp issues before putting your house up for sale.

What Is a Damp Survey and How Can It Help?

A dampness survey is an evaluation to determine the presence and extent of damp in a building.

Having a professional conduct a dampness survey before listing your house is the best course of action, because it will provide useful information that can be used before and during the sale.

You’ll receive a report on whether you have damp and the severity of the issue. If you intend to fix the damp prior to sale, an expert can estimate the cost and time of repairs. If you intend to sell without making repairs, the report can be used to adjust your asking price and explain the issue to potential buyers. 

Contact Atlantis Damp to Book Your Dampness Survey

Identifying damp before putting your house on the market can determine the value of your home and affect how you proceed with the sale. 

Contact Atlantis Damp today for more information on a dampness survey.