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U is for Underground Waterproofing (Cellar/Basement Conversions)

In this installment of our A-Z of Atlantis Damp Proofing & Timber Specialists, U is for Underground Waterproofing (Cellar/Basement Conversions)

Did you know that here at Atlantis Damp Proofing we can help you make your cellar/ basement into a habitable space? We do this by using sumps and pumps to remove the moisture you will find in a sub-terrain environment to prevent rising damp.

We are specialists in using sumps and pumps when converting cellars/basements. With very high house prices in many areas of Cheshire, it makes sense to maximise your living space by converting a cellar/basement in your home. Therefore, some of our cellar/basement conversion include second lounges, extra bedrooms, kids play areas or office space.

Your cellar will be set either partially or completely within the ground. Consequently, your cellar will tend to suffer from damp. Whilst your cellar may never have experienced flooding, there is a possibility that this may occur in the future. By using a cavity drainage system, we ensure the water is effectively managed. A cavity drainage system is where we install a plastic dimpled membrane to the perimeter of the room that leads to a sump and a pump to discharge the water. Furthermore, the sump and pump removes the water out of your cellar, protecting your cellar from damp is a very important part of the conversion process, as rising damp could later mean all of the hard work would have to be redone after the damp is removed.

Is your basement/ cellar suitable for a conversion?

  • Does your cellar ever flood?
  • What is the access like to your cellar?
  • Does a staircase need to be installed, and if so is there adequate room for one?
  • What is the headroom in your cellar? Please bear in mind that the ceiling and the floor treatments that you will have to install will reduce the available headroom?
  • What are you planning to use the space for?
  • Is there an escape route apart from your staircase?
  • Is there any ventilation to your cellar or could any be provided?

If you can resolve all of these issues, then your cellar may well be suitable for conversion.

What are the stages of a basement conversion?

  1. Initial meeting – Our surveyor, Jamie will arrive on the agreed date and time – to discuss the project requirements with you and carry out an initial survey.
  2. Prepare the quote – Based on the discussion with you and the initial survey we prepare a quote and send it to you – normally via e-mail.
  3. Follow up – If you haven’t contacted us already, we will call you to find out if you received the quote, if we included all the necessary works and if it was within your expectations. If you are happy with the quote, the starting date is fixed.
  4. Works starting date – We will call you a few days in advance to confirm the starting date. Before or on the starting date we will kindly ask you for a 30% deposit – this will cover initial costs for skip, basic materials, scaffolding. Normally, the first job is to clear the site – removal of all finishes, demolition. All your personal items from the site should have been removed already.
  5. As the works progress – Jamie, who manages the project will be visiting the site frequently. He will be checking the progress, discussing all arising questions, issues with you – making sure we follow your vision exactly as you specified it.
  6. Finishing – As we get near to the completion, any snagging will be carried out. Once finished and you are happy with the result, the final third payment will be collected.
  7. Feedback – As always, our ultimate goal is a happy customer – if there’s something that we could improve on we would kindly ask you for your feedback. We know that good references are essential for our business growth.

What next?

Contact us now if you are about to start your home transformation, now is the best time to get in touch with us:

One of our recent projects can be seen below:

Uninhabitable space

Fitting the Sump and Pump

Room Boarded and Skimmed

Moisture Membranes

  Finished pump fit

  The finished bedroom!