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Wall ties hold the walls of buildings together, providing vital structural support and allowing for the existence of insulating cavity spaces. Wall ties are integral but over time they can corrode and decay, so it’s important to have regular surveying and replacement work carried out by a professional when necessary. 

In this article, the team at Atlantis Damp explains what wall ties are, why you need them and when they need replacing. 

What Are Wall Ties?

Wall ties are strips of metal or metal rods, usually produced from zinc, steel, or other metals. These metal rods are used to hold two separate layers of brickwork together, and you’ll find them placed in the cavity space between an inner and outer wall in modern properties.

Why Do You Need Wall Ties?

Wall ties play an integral role in the structure of your home. Without wall ties, it would be difficult to construct the sturdy inner and outer walls that modern homes are built with today. They literally hold these two sets of brickwork together and, in this respect, are vital to the stability of your home.

Because wall ties allow this type of cavity wall to be safely constructed, they also become vital for insulation. Cavity spaces between these layers of wall are commonly filled with insulating materials, thereby allowing homeowners to keep their houses warm while saving on energy costs. 

Why Do Wall Ties Need Replacing?

Wall ties are made from long-lasting metal materials, but unfortunately they aren’t indestructible. The most common reason that wall ties need replacing is corrosion, a natural process that can’t necessarily be halted, only slowed down.

Wall ties can fail and need replacing for a number of different reasons, including:

  • Corrosion
  • Subsidence
  • Extreme weather or natural events
  • Damaged masonry or brickwork

If wall ties aren’t replaced, then wall tie failure can lead to damaged brickwork, structural damage, poor insulation in your home, the need for costly repairs, and more. 

Damaged and corroded wall ties can pose a danger to the structural integrity of your property. If you’re concerned that your wall ties could be failing, the team at Atlantis Damp can carry out surveys and repair work to ensure that your home is safe.

Contact Atlantis Damp today for more information on replacing wall ties.