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In this episode of the A-Z of Atlantis Damp Proofing & Timber Specialists, X is for Xcellent customer service.

To start off with, don’t worry, we know that Xcellent starts with an ‘E’ in real life! It’s pretty tricky to find a relevant topic beginning with ‘X’, let me tell you. So Xcellent Customer service is what we’re all about.

When Jamie, founder, owner and Director at Atlantis first started out working on the plastering side of damp proofing, he saw some practices used in other local damp proofing firms that didn’t sit well with him. He wantedΒ  to know why corners were cut? He wanted to know why lies were told. Most of all he wanted to know how quickly he could set up on his own to give people the option of excellent customer service with every job. No corners cut. Only honest advice. And that is exactly what he did.

What makes us different?

Atlantis Damp Proofing & TImber Specialists began in 2010, and became a limited Company in March 2013. We continued to grow, due to word of mouth recommendations and Property Care Association referrals and Jamie’s wife, Freya decided to join the business in September 2016. Because we are a family business, our reputation is everything to us. We genuinely want every customer to be 100% satisfied and on the rare occasions this is not the case, we work swiftly to rectify any minor issues you may have. Excellent Customer Service really matters to us.

Our team of sub contractors have also been working with us for a number of years and we trust them with our reputation and know that they will provide the excellent customer service that you deserve. If you don’t believe us, hear it from our customers mouths. Just check out our reviews on Checkatrade and Google.

What next?

If you want to know how we can help you, contact us now