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Penetrating damp is a serious problem that can rapidly lead to dangerous structural issues if not fixed.

Caused by water leaking through walls or ceilings, penetrating damp needs to be stopped quickly in order to limit the damage it causes.

But how much does penetrating damp cost to fix? Our experts have all the answers…

What Is Penetrating Damp?

Penetrating damp is one of three main types of damp that properties in the UK regularly experience – the others being rising damp and condensation.

It occurs when water begins to accumulate in the walls or ceilings inside a property. Water can penetrate into the home through cracks in the walls, because of a lack of waterproofing, or because of any number of faults in the structure of the building, such as broken tiles or damaged windows.

Penetrating damp can quickly lead to mould, decay, peeling plaster, wood rot and much more. If left untreated, it can eventually cause dangerous structural damage to a property and lead to health problems for its residents.

What Does Penetrating Damp Treatment Involve?

There are several different ways to treat penetrating damp, so it’s important to speak to a professional in order to have the best solution applied. 

The most common treatment for penetrating damp is to have a damp-proof course installed. This involves installing a waterproof membrane in the affected area, to stop any damp from spreading.

How Much Does Penetrating Damp Cost to Fix?

So how much does penetrating damp cost to fix? There’s no definitive answer to this question, as the overall cost of a penetrating damp treatment depends on a number of factors. For this reason, it’s important to consult a professional for an accurate survey and cost analysis.

The main factors that affect the cost include:

  • The extent of the penetrating damp problem
  • The location of the penetrating damp problem
  • The amount of damage already caused
  • The type of treatment required
  • The amount of time needed to fix the penetrating damp problem

The longer penetrating damp is left untreated, the more damage it’s likely to cause, which is why it’s so important to act quickly. The more damage there is, the more it’s going to cost.

Different treatments have different costs attached to them, too, but the most cost-effective method is to install a damp-proof course in the affected areas. This is a long-term solution, but costs depend on how much of the home needs to be damp proofed and how accessible the affected areas are. Remember, any damaged plaster, tiles, timbers, masonry or decoration will all have associated costs in order to be fixed, too.

Contact Atlantis Property Preservation for More Information on Penetrating Damp Treatments

The team of experts at Atlantis Property Preservation is ready to help you with any penetrating damp problems. The longer penetrating damp is left untreated, the more damage it can cause, so contact us today to arrange a full inspection of your property.

Our penetrating damp specialists will identify the source of the damp, and provide you with a full breakdown of the work and costs needed to fix it. If you’re concerned about penetrating damp in your home, then call our team today on 0800 0988 277 or email us at atlantisdamp@gmail.com to find out more.